40 before 40

  1. Get married
  2. Have another baby
  3. Buy a house
  4. Buy a touring caravan
  5. Travel around the UK in the caravan
  6. Take Sophie to the theatre
  7. See the pandas in Edinburgh zoo
  8. Teach Sophie to ride a horse
  9. Go to Disney World, Florida
  10. Make Sophie a birthday cake every year
  11. Sky dive in memory of my mum to raise money for Cancer Research
  12. Host a dinner party
  13. Have afternoon tea at Claridges
  14. Take Sophie to the New Forest
  15. Visit Longleat
  16. Learn a new language
  17. Watch all the Harry Potter films
  18. Go to Centre Parcs
  19. Spend Christmas away from home
  20. Read some of the classics
  21. Watch all the Disney films (with Sophie of course)
  22. Overcome my fear of spiders
  23. Go on a cookery course
  24. Go on a sugarcraft course
  25. Visit Rome
  26. Complete the NHS couch to 5k challenge
  27. Run a 10k for charity
  28. Take Sophie to see Santa at Harrods
  29. Go to Badminton Horse Trials
  30. Take Sophie to the Olympia Horse Show
  31. Swim with dolphins
  32. Take Sophie to Hamleys Toy Store in London
  33. Learn to stop caring what other people think
  34. Teach Sophie to respect both herself and others
  35. Learn to scuba dive
  36. Get Michael on a horse (Hes terrified!)
  37. Go horse riding on the beach
  38. Be able to work from home
  39. Make sure I am always there for Sophie, no matter what
  40. Stay happy


  1. Thats a long list andrea and only 8 years to go! Lol
    Sarah x

    1. Well you'll have to watch this space to see if I achieve it all :) x